"I love my SANS Bottle because I can bring my smoothie everywhere and it will always taste great. Every person I have recommended to buy it also loves it :D" - @Jolly_Yoli 





"So this SANS bottle is pretty cool! This is the perfect bottle for people who travel with their smoothies and juices on the go! I seriously love it and have noticed a drastic difference since using this bottle."  - @livelovefruit

 "The SANS bottle is seriously a lifesaver -- it vacuum seals smoothies and juice so it stays fresher much longer! Not easy to do." - @kaleandcarrotsticks

"Love this SANS bottle, it allows you to make a shake or smoothie in advance then take it on the go! Truly works!" - @shonda1020

"The worst is a flat booth (ya feel?) so I poured it in this nifty @sans_air bottle to keep it crisp & freshhh. It pumps the air out to keep your juices fresh longer!" - @therunningcarrot

"Healthy living starts early. Give your kids a healthy start to their day using SANS Air Bottle!" - @cleverylchanging

"This bottle is amazing!! I cut 25 minutes out of my morning routine by making my smoothie the night before and keeping it fresh in the SANS Bottle. I highly recommend this product for anyone who regularly makes smoothies or juices."

-B via Amazon.com

"Amazing! Being able to make a big batch of my morning smoothies has made it so much easier! It's there for me whenever I'm ready for it! Best part is, it still tastes amazing 2 days later!" 

Patty via Amazon.com

"I love mine and just ordered 3 more for gifts. It really keeps my smoothie fresh during my morning commute. Very easy to use and clean." 

Susan via Amazon.com

"Received my Sans and I just love the sleek design and game changing function! This has made my life and daily routine so much easier! I can make my smoothie at night and it's there for me whenever I'm ready for it! It's so easy to use and clean!" 

jbarsuhn, NY via HSN.com

"I just received my SANS bottle and love it! I am always in a hurry in the morning and don't have time to make a smoothie. When I would make them at night, they would always taste bad by the morning. The SANS bottle allows me to make my smoothie at night and still tastes fresh in the morning on my commute. I can't believe how well it works! I highly recommend buying this product. It's beautiful too - I have the berry blue color." 

Rebecca via Amazon.com