When removing or putting on the silicone sleeve, please use care. It is not recommended to pull on the silicone sleeve with excessive force.

Please rest your SANS bottle upright on the table or keep your bottle in a vertical manner before pumping the air out.

It is recommended to only fill up to the bottom of the window on the silicone sleeve when preserving smoothies as smoothies contain air bubbles. The bubbles will expand thus making the smoothie rise. The opening window not only allows you to see the smoothie rise, (so you know the pump is working!) it is a buffer space we designed to prevent the smoothie from getting into the pump. Don’t worry though, even if you get some into the pump by accident, you can refer to our easy-to-follow cleaning instructions to clean the pump. 

If needed, you can apply food safe oil on the cylinder inside the SANS pump system to reduce friction.

Please keep the pump free of residue or fibers from juice to ensure maximum functionality.

The SANS bottle reduces oxygen content to slow down the oxidation process by removing most of the air to keep your favorite juice or smoothie fresher longer. It is still recommended to finish your juice or smoothie in a timely manner. 


Please note the types of content (fruit, powder etc.…), the  types of blending and juicing process, temperature and other conditions will affect the length of time your juice or smoothie will be preserved. 

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