Why is SANS Bottle the Perfect Solution for Preserving Smoothies?

Smoothies offer the perfect solution for weight loss and healthy eating, since they can be prepared within minutes and you can choose which ingredients to include. Unless you have the right vacuum sealed container, however, those lovely fresh fruits and veggies will oxidize and lose their nutritional value, flavor and color within minutes.

Here’s are 5 reasons why you should use the SANS smoothie bottle to hold your favorite drink:


Raw ingredients start oxidizing upon contact with air. SANS bottle features an innovative pump preserver lid that removes extra air and creates a vacuum seal to keep juice and smoothie contents fresh. You’re no longer in a race against time to gulp down a fresh batch of smoothies or juices before the color and flavor change.


If you like to carry a healthy smoothie when you’re heading to gym, yoga class, school or work, SANS bottle is ideal. Not only is it made with lightweight but sturdy materials, the smoothie bottle is designed to fit into a standard cup holder. You can place it in your car, bicycle, gym bag, hiking backpack, wherever!


SANS bottle is made with borosilicate glass that can safely hold both hot and cold liquids. It also has a silicon sleeve and lid, which helps provide some insulation to the contents. The vacuum sealed container keeps contents fresh for longer, and you can store it in a refrigerator if you want your smoothie extra cold.

3. IT’S 100% LEAK-PROOF –

When you’re carrying a juice or smoothie in your bag, car or backpack, you need a container that seals up tight. SANS bottle provides a completely leak-proof vacuum seal, so you don’t need to worry about spills or leaks. Just pour your favorite drink into the container, pump out the air, and you’re good to go!


Not only is SANS bottle ideal for preserving smoothies, it can also be used for various other liquids. Keep shakes, juices, tea, coffee, wine, soups and water fresh when you’re heading outdoors, or carry chopped fruits and salads to class or work. You can even store sauces, dips and salsas when you make them ahead of time.

If you want to retain freshness, nutrition and flavor while storing smoothies, try SANS bottle now!