5 Different Ways People are using the SANS Smoothie Bottle

At SANS, we’re constantly surprised by the number of ways in which people are using our smoothie containers. Of course, they’re perfect for keeping smoothies and shakes fresh, but some of you have told us about other things you store in them. We thought we’d share our favorites here!


1. Protein/Fitness Drinks –

As dry foods with stable shelf lives, protein powder and energy drink mixes are popular with bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You can keep them anywhere that’s cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. Once they’re mixed with liquids, a smoothie bottle can prevent exposure to air and contaminants that affect their flavor and efficacy.

2. Breast Milk 

Clean, sterilized and airtight containers are essential for storing expressed breast milk. A shaker bottle or standard container could result in contamination or fat loss and raise the risk of spoilage, while freezing breast milk destroys white blood cells. Use an insulated smoothie bottle instead, to pump out air, prevent contamination and keep milk safe.

3. Baby Food 

Babies tend to eat small quantities, and frequently making small portions of baby food on a daily basis can be painful for mothers. Making larger portions and storing them for future feeds makes sense, but like breast milk, baby formula needs to be protected from contamination and nutrient loss. A smoothie container is perfect for this as well.

4. Wine 

After opening a bottle of wine, storing leftovers can be a hassle. Exposure to light, temperature changes and oxygen can make wine turn foul in no time, especially if it’s an older vintage. Vacuum sealed smoothie containers that remove extra oxygen can keep wine from spoiling, preserving its flavor, color and life so you can enjoy it for longer.

5. Travel Essentials 

Water bottles and travel cups are essentials for those who enjoy hiking, camping, road trips and long-distance journeys. Along with water, a juice or smoothie can keep you hydrated when you’re outdoors. A smoothie preserving travel bottle will become your best friend during adventure getaways and relaxing beach days alike.

Even if you’re not into green smoothies or juices, a smoothie container is a great addition to your kitchen. We’d love to hear how else you use SANS bottle, so leave a comment and share your ideas here!