Keep your food fresh, longer! Make your smoothies and juices the night before and still have that freshly made taste in the morning.

Our line of SANS Glass Vacuum Bottles save time, money and help maintain the nutrients in your freshly made foods.

SANS is a solution to preserving smoothies, shakes, juices and more with a vacuum seal that keeps its contents fresh for a longer period of time.  When fruits and vegetables are exposed to air, they start to oxidize, turning them brown and depleting their nutrients. SANS slows down that oxidation process by removing air from the bottle.

The lid of the bottle contains a unique vacuum pump mechanism designed to preserve the life of smoothies and shakes. By simply pumping the lid, it acts as a preserver by removing the air from the bottle and maintaining a tight seal. 

SANS AIR-9139.jpg

Sans lets YOU enjoy your smoothies AND SHAKES anytime, anywhere.

Make your smoothie or shake in advance then take your bottle to the office, on a hike, to the gym, on a bike ride, in the car, to class, anywhere - and drink it on your schedule without having to rush to finish before it goes bad. 


  • Smoothies

  • Shakes

  • Juices

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Baby Food

  • Nut Milks

  • Overnight Oats

  • Even wine!

sans specs.

  • 16oz. / 480ml

  • Glass bottle with protective silicone sleeve

  • User friendly pump system

  • Wide opening

  • Leak proof

  • Hand wash easy to remove parts

  • Non-toxic & BPA Free

  • Universal lid compatible with all SANS bottles

sans works.

We put the SANS bottle to the ultimate 7 days challenge.